I am a true Tallahassee native. I take pride in my hometown and use my energy to share it with others. My passion for the arts is the most significant driving force in my life today. From painting to decorating and visual art to verbal forms, my creativity leaks into every aspect my life. My photography has evolved as my passion for it has grown. Beginning with snap-shooting for fun, I am now career driven and ready to share my skills.
My children Fisher and Charley Rae are the true inspiration behind my work and deserves much credit for my progression. Following their footsteps through my lens I have captured life's most precious moments time and time again. Not always posed in a portrait, my images are active and flowing with time. They are living and ongoing. They are a reflection. They are you. I am blessed with a loving and supporting family. I have a husband who respects my vision and admires the work I create. He urges me to follow my heart and dream big knowing that I see those dreams through my lens. All that is left to do is allow me to see and share yours.

"Life is not measured by the breathes we take, but the moments that take our breath away"

I hope to share those breathtaking moments with you!